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Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions Expertise

We have been instructed in a significant number of merger & acquisition transactions in Cyprus and abroad.
Our dedicated professionals deliver expert solutions throughout the transaction life cycle, including the following: 

Performing strategic evaluation and enhanced due diligence on target companies, identifying any areas of risk inherent in share acquisitions. 

Drafting of due diligence reports. 

Drafting and reviewing Share Purchase Agreements and ancillary documentation. 

Provision of advice on acquisitions deal and negotiating tactics. 

Obtaining third-party consents from lenders or other parties to existing contracts.

Assistance with closings of share acquisitions. 

Provision of advice to both sellers and purchasers on the consequences in relation to employment law that result from the transfer of a company’s activities. 

Undertaking the court application for local and/or cross-border mergers and obtaining the relevant court order.