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Corporate Governance

We provide legal support with regard to management and board of directors’ duties and obligations and shareholders’ protection. We assist our extensive corporate client base on internal controls, secured management and ensuring proper monitoring of the Board of Directors.

We boast expertise in the following:

Advising shareholders on their rights in the management and operation of Cypriot companies.

Advising directors on their management obligations, their fiduciary duties and potential liabilities.

Undertaking efficient management of companies in accordance with Companies Law, CAP. 113 and the requirements set out in the articles of association in place.

Drafting of Shareholders’ Agreements governing the management and operation of Cypriot companies and the allocation of powers between shareholders.

Drafting of tailor-made articles of association of Cypriot companies incorporating the fundamental provisions of Shareholders’ Agreements.

Performing changes to corporate structure and share capital structure in furtherance of the specific objectives of our corporate client base.

Conversion of share capital and creation of different classes of shares having different rights as to voting and dividend, representing the division of rights between shareholders.