The recent amendments to the Population Registry Law introduce changes to the citizenship qualifications, particularly focusing on naturalization processes. The key provisions can be summarized as follows:

Article 111 – Citizenship by Naturalization:

  • Adults foreigner of full legal capacity may apply for naturalization, subject to specific qualifications.

  • The applicant must have legal and continuous residence in the Republic for the preceding twelve months.

  • Over the preceding ten years, the applicant must have resided legally, served in public service, or both, for a cumulative period of at least seven years.

  • Good character is a prerequisite, with criteria including respect for legality, no engagement in illegal activities, no criminal convictions, and no posing of risks to public order.

  • Proficiency in the Greek language at B1 level is required.

  • The applicant must demonstrate knowledge of the Republic’s political and social reality.

  • Adequate accommodation and stable financial resources are necessary for the applicant and dependent family members.

  • The intention to reside in the Republic or serve in public service must be declared upon naturalization.

Article 111B – Qualifications for Naturalization:

  • Detailed qualifications for naturalization include legal residency, good character, language proficiency, knowledge of political and social reality, and financial stability.

  • Exceptions are provided for individuals with high expertise employment in designated companies, allowing for reduced residency requirements.

Article 113 – Revoking Citizenship Status:

  • Citizenship can be revoked by the Council of Ministers under specific circumstances.

  • Investments or contributions made for obtaining citizenship will not be reimbursed if citizenship is revoked.

  • Loss of citizenship by an individual may lead to the revocation of family members’ citizenship acquired as dependents.

Additional Considerations:

  • Expedited processing of applications under specific circumstances not exceeding eight months.

  • Persons of Cypriot origin and former residents or government servants of the former Colony of Cyprus may receive special considerations.

  • Pending applications before the effective date of the Population Registry (Amendment) Law of 2023 will be processed according to the new provisions.

The amendments aim to streamline and clarify the naturalization process, ensuring that applicants meet specific criteria related to residency, character, language proficiency, and financial stability. Additionally, provisions for expedited processing and special considerations for certain individuals contribute to a comprehensive framework for citizenship qualifications.